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Kepulauan Riau (Riau Island) Indonesia

Foto Copyright : ksmtour.comRiau Islands is one of the tourist destinations that attract foreign tourists, where there are Anambas Islands which is the best tropical tropical in Asia, where the most popular by foreign tourists to dive and snorkel.

The Anambas Islands are located in the province of the Riau Archipelago with the Forbes capital, which has long been made a mandatory list for foreign tourists who want to feel the beauty of nature and beaches.

Karimunjawa Indonesia

Foto Copyright : indonesia-tourism.comKarimunjawa is located in Central Java, precisely in the city of Jepara, where there is a beautiful beach, white sand with clear sea water.

There are at least 242 species of ornamental fish, as well as some rare animals such as Green Turtles, Scales, and White-eagle Eagles.

Here the wisatwan can snorkel to enjoy the beauty of underwater Karimun Java is very beautiful.

Danau Toba (Toba Lake) Indonesia

Foto Copyright : Toba is a type of volcanic lake located in North Sumatra. With a width of + 30 km, and a length of up to + 100 km, the lake was formed due to a gigantic volcano eruption around + 70,000 years ago.

In this lake tourists can swim in the warm waters of the lake, and relaxed by enjoying the beauty of panorama of Toba.

In addition to the natural beauty that can be enjoyed, the tourists can also enjoy a culinary dish that is in some restaurants, as well as restaurants typical of northern Sumatra, which serves a variety of culinary enough evocative taste.

Tana Toraja Indonesia

Image by: www.amusingplanet.comTana Toraja is a plateau located in South Sulawesi. One of the characteristics is Tongkonan or Toraja people house has a big roof and peaked.

Here there is a unique ceremony of a funeral that is not found in any world, where after a person dies, his body will be stored first (usually for 1 year), before finally carried out a real funeral ceremony.

The ceremony takes a few days, after which, then the corpse is buried in the tree hole, or the small caves that are above. Uniquely, the corpse can walk alone to the cemetery.

Bunaken Island Indonesia

Foto Copyright : celiuz.comBunaken Island is part of Bunaken National Park, located in the northern part of Sulawesi Island.

Bunaken is famous for its seabed tour, so here we can dive, and snorkel. Bunakan is also a popular dive site in the World.

In Bunaken National Park we can see various species of fish from the western Pacific Ocean, which is estimated there are about 70% of these fish species are here.

Candi Borobudur (Borobudur Temple) Indonesia

Foto Copyright : lonelyplanet.comBorobudur is located + 40 km northwest of Gudeg city, and it is the most famous Buddhist temple building in the world.

It is estimated that the construction of Borobudur takes up to 75 years, where the construction was carried out during the reign of Syailendra Kingdom.

The splendor of Borobudur is not only in the building, but the beauty of the surrounding Panorama of Nature, is also very fascinating. Not surprisingly, if many foreign tourists who visit Borobudur.

Gunung Bromo (Bromo Mountain) Indonesia

Foto Copyright : initempatwisata.comMount Bromo is located in East Java, has a height of 2399 meters above sea level, is not the highest mountain in Indonesia, but is the most popular mountain for tourist destinations.

This mountain once erupted and the crater continues to issue white smoke with soft volcanic sand around it.

Tengger tribe is a tribe who live on this mountain, until now they are still performing ceremony keAgamaan in Mount Bromo, the Kasodo ceremony. A ceremony aimed at rejecting reinforcements, and sickness, and begging for the abundance of sustenance, in the form of a harvest.

At the ceremony, they throw offerings into the crater of Mount Bromo, and there are other Tengger on the slopes of the crater in charge of catching the offerings that were thrown a blessing from God.

In addition to the unique Tengger tribe, another attraction is the presence of children Gimbal, children with dreadlocks, which require special rituals, when they want to cut their hair.

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